A high quality broadcasting infrastructure that provides seamless (all-in-one) access to Radio, Television and Telephony services combined



Facilitate equitable access to high quality broadcasting infrastructure and services for ALL



The Department is headed by a Commissioner who is responsible for all departmental matters. The Commissioner for Broadcasting Infrastructure is the chief executive officer of the department. He is assisted by the Assistant Commissioner while executing the day to day duties assigned to the department. Other cadres in the department include the Principal Broadcasting Engineer, Senior Broadcasting Engineer and a Broadcasting Engineer. The department is in charge of overall guidance and advocacy with regards to development and or review of Policies, Laws and Strategies for the broadcasting sector.



Activities of the department of broadcasting infrastructure are derived from the following functions among others

1.       Formulate/review polices, Laws and Strategies for the development of broadcasting subsector in Uganda;

2.       Providing a platforms for digitization and documentation of ongoing government programmes in Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local governments;

3.       Promote the development of high quality digital contents that are relevant, enriching and are reflective of Uganda diverse Norms/Culture;

4.       Provide timely and relevant guidelines, technical support/standards and advice to all stakeholders for efficient utilization of broadcasting infrastructure in the country;

5.       Carry out spot-checks inspections on spectrum utilization, Electromagnetic Fields Radiations/Emissions/exposure levels on quarterly basis;

6.       Develop and coordinate the implementation of a content strategy to fosters the mandatory 40% local content in all media houses in Uganda;

7.       Continuously ensure effective and timely implementation, monitoring and evaluation of broadcasting policies, plans and strategies;

8.       Promote digitization of Sign language and their delivery platforms for people with hearing loss; and

9.        Promote subsector innovations, assess standards, review performance and potentials of emerging technological platforms and devices for improved delivery of digital content and services.



1.   Digital Content Production and Management Centre established;

2.   National Strategy to guide roll-out out of the Broadband infrastructure and Services in Uganda Drafted.