Effective FY 2016/17, the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) was assigned the responsibility of Government communication. In that regard, the new Ministry of ICT & National Guidance was formed to accommodate Information and National Guidance, the Media Council and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation, that were hitherto under Office of the Prime Minister, plus the Uganda Media Centre which was under the Office of the President. The President further directed that the Vision Group comes under the supervision of the new Ministry.

Following the merger, the Ministry’s functions have expanded to include;


• Improving the legal and regulatory frameworks to respond to the industry needs

• Enhancing the ICT expertise

• Promoting an informed and ideologically aware citizenry for socio-economic transformation

• Enhancing the secure usage and application of ICT services in business and service delivery

• Dissemination and Monitoring of government communications

• Promotion of a national ideology

• Regulation of the Print media

• Supervision of the National Broadcaster

• Support and coordination of government communications



Sector Composition

The ICT and National Guidance Sector comprises 9 Government institutions namely:

• Ministry of ICT & National Guidance

• National Information Technology Authority

• Uganda Communications Commission

• Uganda Post Limited

• Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology

• Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

• The Uganda Media Centre

• The Media Council

• The Vision Group