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One of Uganda's strategies is to utilise Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to create an efficient Government aimed at simplifying procedures, bringing transparency, accountability and making timely information available to all citizens.

To achieve the above, the Ministry of ICT, has identified two enabling priority actions; namely: the establishment of the E-Government Infrastructure (EGI) and the establishment of the National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure (NBI).

Subsequently, a Commercial Contract was signed between the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Uganda and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd of the Peoples’ Republic of China. The value of Contract Works for the overall proposed project including all contractors’ equipment, imported plant & materials, civil works and all services is USD 106,590,305 (One Hundred and Six Million, Five Hundred Ninety Thousands, Three Hundred and Five US Dollars Only).

The Project is planned to be implemented in three phases as shown below.


Project Phases

Phases Time Line Cost Component 1 NBI Cost Component 2 EGI Total
Phase 1 6 Months 8,234,416 21,905,242 30,138,659
Phase 2 12 Months 42,484,125 8,575,000 61,059,125
Phase 3 9 Months 10,918,835 4,472,687 15,391,522
Total 27 Months 61,637,376 44,952,929 106,590,305

 Key: EGI's  E-Government Infrastructure, NBI 's “ National Backbone Infrastructure & all figures in USD

Phase 1 of the project which started in May is expected to be completed by the end of April 2008. The application for Phase 2 has been submitted to the Chinese Government.


    * The main objectives of the project are to:
    * Establish a National backbone;
    * Connect all Ministries in a single Wide area network;
    * Establish a government data center;
    * Connect 28 major districts.

Expected outputs

    * All government Ministries connected;
    * E-government services implemented;
    * 28  districts/towns connected to national backbone.

Expected outcomes

    * Improved communication between government Ministries;
    * Improved services delivery by government Ministries;
    * Reduced cost of communications;
    * Increased economic development;
    * Poverty reduction.

Achievements to date (first phase)

    * Ministries connected to e-government network;
    * Video conferencing services rolled out in all Ministries;
    * Kampala, Entebbe, Bombo, Mukono and Jinja connected to national backbone;
    * 183 Km of optical fibre cable laid.

Planned outputs (Second Phase)

    * 20 Districts connected to national backbone;
    * Data and voice services rolled out on e-government infrastructure;
    * Government Data centre set up.


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