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The UCC was established to implement the provisions of The Communications Act Cap 106 Laws of Uganda with a principal goal of developing a modern communications sub-sector and Infrastructure in Uganda, in conformity with the operationalization of the Telecommunications Policy.

The Objectives of the Telecommunications Policy

The broad objectives of the Policy include the following:
i.    To facilitate private sector participation in the communications sector as well as in the overall national development;
ii.    To provide a Legal framework for the development of communication services in Uganda;
iii.    To separate the roles of Policy formulation, regulation and operations; and
iv.    To introduce competition through licensing of multiple operators.

The specific objectives of the Policy are to:

i.    Put in place an independent regulator;
ii.    Increase the tele-density from 0.28 lines per 100 people to 2.0 lines per 100 people by the year 2012;
iii.    Improve communication facilities and quality of service, and add a variety of communication agencies;
iv.    Respond to the demand of customers; and
v.    Increase the geographical distribution and coverage of the services throughout the country.

The Mandate of UCC

The Commission is mandated to undertake a range of functions in the following areas:

i.    Licensing and standards;
ii.    Spectrum management;
iii.    Tariff regulation;
iv.    Research and development;
v.    Consumer empowerment;
vi.    Policy advice & implementation;
vii.    Rural communications development; and
viii.    Capacity building.

UCC is thus not only the regulator, but also a facilitator and promoter of coordinated and sustainable growth and development of Uganda’s communications sector.

The Vision Statement of UCC

The Vision of UCC is: “A Uganda in which sustainable national development is facilitated through availability and access to reliable, cost effective, and affordable communications services largely delivered through an enabled private sector”.

UCC recognizes that successful realization of its vision entails effective coordination and prudent fostering of the interests of several stakeholders including Government, investors, consumers and the general public.

The Mission Statement of UCC

The Mission of UCC is: “To facilitate sustainable development of communication services that are universally accessible through effective regulation.”

Underlying the realization of this Mission is the implementation of the Rural Communication Development Policy aimed at providing access to basic communication services, bringing Public-Private Partnerships on board in selected areas especially in the establishment of a National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI), increased consumer empowerment and ICT awareness, promoting and relying on competitive pressure as well as regulatory and fiscal incentives to ensure affordability and availability of services.

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