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Uganda Posta Limited now trading as Posta Uganda was established during the East African Community era. In 1951 the East African Post and Telecommunications (EAP&TC) Act was passed and services were then rendered under the tripartite arrangement. In 1977 the East African Community broke up together with its agencies including the EAP&TC. A caretaker organisation, Uganda Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (UP&TC) was formed and was legalised by in 1983 by ACT of Parliament.

In 1998, UPTC split into four entities: Uganda Post Limited, Uganda Telecom Limited, Uganda Communications Commission and the Post Bank Uganda Limited. This followed the Government’s policy on the liberalisation of the communication sector. The law then transferred the postal related services to Uganda Post Limited for management. Under the Communications Act of 1997. UPL was then formed with a share capital of Ushs. 25billion, with each share valued at Ushs. 25,000. The Ministry of Finance owns 999,999 shares and one share for the Ministry of Works, Housing and Urban Development.

 Mandate of UPL

UPL will exclusively be responsible for among other activities, the production and issuance of:
•    Postage Stamps;
•    Pre-stamped envelops;
•    Aerogramme;
•    International reply coupon; and
•    All the above should bare the Official National Coat of Arms or the words “Republic of Uganda,” “Uganda,” or “Uganda Post.”

The UPL may, subject to such conditions as it may determine and without prejudice to the provisions of the Communications Act, license the use by any person of a franking machine.
Letters/Parcels conveyed by UPL

No letter other than exempted letters shall be conveyed by land, by water or by air into or out of Uganda or between any two places of which one is within Uganda, or be delivered or distributed in Uganda otherwise than by or through the organization.

 Rates and Charges

Subject to the Communications Act, UPL shall determine the rates of postage and the charges to be paid in respect of any service it provides. In the event of a rate/charge increment, UPL shall notify Uganda Communications Commission to justify the increment.

 Vision Statement

To be the best African postal administration in enabling the delivery of information, goods and money.

 Mission Statement

To provide the best customer-oriented communications, postal, financial and logistic services.


i.    Customer care;
ii.    Team work;
iii.    Professionalism;
iv.    Integrity; and
v.    Passion to succeed.
 Objectives of Posta Uganda Limited

i.    To improve the corporate image and increase customer satisfaction;
ii.    To commercialize the company by building capacity to generate profits and be relevant in the market place; and
iii.    To provide universal postal services in line with national requirements on the one hand, and economic viability on the other.

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