ict Initiatives

Infomation Security

New technologies continue to be exploited by malevolent users and the phenomenon is becoming intrinsically linked to organized crime on the Internet and internal malpractices that take advantage of weaknesses within information systems.  Vulnerabilities in software applications are purposely sought after in order to create malware that will enable unauthorized access and modification, thus compromising integrity, availability and confidentiality of the ICT networks and systems.


The Government of Uganda has a strong belief that ICT has the potential not only to revolutionize the way Government operates, but also to enhance the relationship between Government and Citizens (G2C), Government and Business community (G2B) and within Government to Government departments (G2G).   With this in mind, the GOU has developed the eGovernment Policy Framework which clearly identifies the goal of e-Government and spells out its core pillars, critical success factors and a roadmap which will be adopted to achieve it.


In FY2014/15, the sector achieved the following:
1.    The National Backbone infrastructure (NBI) extended to connect 45 sites with Kampala and Entebbe. This will enable access of high speed internet at affordable costs through bulk procurement;